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Our easy to navigate online store has opened with many of our products available for purchase. Visitors will notice our weekly specials, offering 25% discounts. Just click on the Online Store and/or Weekly Specials buttons and have fun shopping for our made in USA rivets.   


Welcome to aDP Rivet

Welcome to the all-new aDP Rivet website.  This site is the epicenter for our 100% made in USA products. You’ll find colorful product images, descriptions, and technical information plus numerous how-to demonstrations, with customer applications with action videos. Our how-to page offers rivet comparison and selection information. If you haveRead More

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Painted, colored Rivets Made in U.S.A., Aluminum Colored, Painted Rivets, Exploding Black Rivets, High-Strength Aluminum Rivets

Welcome to aDP Rivet manufacturers USA

aDP Rivet manufacturers in USA

Rivet manufacturers in USA don’t get much better than this. Hello and welcome to aDP Rivet. A Veteran owned US manufacturer of blind rivets. Yes, rivets are still made in USA and we stock over a dozen colors of painted blind rivetsThroughout our site you’ll find informative photos, customer applications, and How to use rivet demonstrations. Our “on line” store offers buyers the opportunity to buy colored rivets direct from our factory. Visit our site weekly to take advantage of our weekly sale items. weekly specials crop OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAWelcome to our American rivet manufacturing company. This New England rivet manufacturing facility boast the largest assortment of painted, colored blind rivets in the industry. For more information, visit our Blind Rivets page for all the materials and sizes we offer, Take a look at our Rivet-Mates page for two-piece mate rivet fasteners capable of clamping materials over two inches thick. Looking for painted, colored rivets? You’ll find the largest assortment of painted, colored rivets on our Painted Rivets, our Colored Rivets, and our Ultimate Rivets pages. For more information and the ultimate in riveting technology. Please visit our Ultimate Rivets page where you’ll find many great reasons why our Ultimate Rivets outperform all others while saving you time and money. Save more with our efficient, ENERGY SAVING, battery powered Cordless Tools. Rivet manufacturers doesn’t get any better than this. Rivets are made within their New England rivet manufacturing facility by a knowledgeable team. Each of whom have over a dozen years of rivet manufacturing experience. Thank you for visiting and we hope you let our innovative, American made products work for you. Please 
Contact Us for any inquires or questions you may have. OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAOLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

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You won’t  find another rivet manufacturing facility who serves the racing industry by being a part of it and running its own cars. Our #52 Mini-stock Mustang, and our Late Model Camaro, are completely assembled utilizing our Premium and Ultimate Rivets. Our Race Team is in the pits getting hands on knowledge of racing rivets. Listening to car builders about their riveting needs and  problems. We’ve gained valuable knowledge and continue to design, manufacture, and distribute products to better serve the racing community. 

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